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Structural Engineering

Building Engineering


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3D ArchVIZ



Education and Training

Research and Development

Ingeniería de Estructuras

structural engineering

  • bridges: cable-stayed bridges, arch bridges, girder bridges, precast bridges, composite bridges, high-speed rail bridges

  • pedestrian bridges, walkways

  • road pergolas, railway pergolas, road and railway gantries

  • maritime structures: docks, dams, pontoons

  • aqueducts (water supply structures)

  • snow structural defenses: snowsheds, mounds, snow nets, wteel snow bridges, snow fences, wind baffles

  • special structures

  • historical bridges rehabilitation and refurbishment

  • bridge pathology studies

Ingeniería Civil

civil engineering

  • road construction and road layout

  • water supply networks, sewerage network design and drainage design

  • micro-hydro design

  • industrial estates and units projects

  • urban developing and regeneration projects

Ingeniería de Edificación

building engineering

  • buildings: concrete structure, metal structure, composite structures

  • industrial warehouse: precast warehouse, steel warehouse, concrete warehouse

  • building rehabilitation and refurbishment

  • building pathology study

  • sculptures structural calcs

Educación y Formación

education and training

imagina+ has been involved in the training of engineers and architects since its creation. To the present day, a large number of conferences, workshops and courses about a multitude of aspects related to structural engineering have been held on

Within this guideline, the collaboration agreement with the CivilCAD Consultores company stands out, which allows us to develop the training strategy of the prestigious CivilEstudio software.



The increasing and unstoppable complexity of the different structural design regulations around the world, forces us to have adequate tools that allow the correct resolution of engineering challenges

imagina+ is proud of having built alliances with recognised software companies. This fact allows us to incorporate the use of these programs into our training courses with fabulous results.


Among these programs, CivilEstudio stands out, allowing the precise resolution of the most common structures in the activity of the civil works structural engineer.

Investigación y Desarrollo

research and development

The use of sophisticated design tools plus the acquired experience during research and PhD year allows us to develop projects of Research & Development in several fields of structural and civil engineering.


imagina+ has proposed and developed lines of research that have allowed us to successfully define practical applications for our clients.

3D ArchVIZ

We provide Architectural Visualisation or short ArchViz. A This 3D service will bring new constructions to life. Typically, these visualizations are renders of buildings (still images), or virtual fly-through

Architectural Visualization or ArchViz is a branch of 3D modelling which focusses on the creation of 3D representations of to be constructed buildings or projects. Using various techniques, a 3D render is constructed which will show in near life-like quality a visualization of how the new building will look like. This way, it is possible to showcase specific features, show the building in its new setting or highlight the architectural accomplishments.

At imagina+ we are able to create such ArchViz representations, but we can also go further and create a video or fly-through of this building. Additionally, it is possible to create a 3D model which in real-time can be rotated or scaled to view different angles of the construction.

3D ArchVIz
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